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Private Jet Charter
Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter is a viable alternate solution to commercial air travel. This solution enables travelers to charter an entire airplane, plus crew, allowing you to customize each itinerary. While there are multiple advantages to Private Jet Charter, some of the most compelling include:

  • Full control and flexibility of your itinerary
  • Eliminate arriving 2 hours before departure.
  • No parking issues.
  • No ticket lines.
  • No baggage problems.
  • Quicker point to point travel time.
  • Departure time is when you are ready.
Empty Leg Flights
Empty Leg

Take advantage of an Empty Leg Flight and save 40-60% from the cost on a conventional private jet charter.

Empty Leg Flights offer astonishing value-for-money; however, be aware that continuing availability cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, prior to booking, we recommend that careful consideration be taken before electing to utilize an Empty Leg Flight. For further consultation, the JetUs team is available 24/7 to help you make the right decision to meet your requirements.

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